CDI 5450 Hot Tap

Price Range: $1,205 – $2,835

The CDI 5450 is a modified version of the 5400 model that allows installation under pressure. It incorporates two valves through which the probes pass and a muffler that collects chips from the drilling process. It takes an equal amount of installation time as our standard meters and requires no shutdown of the compressed-air system.  View CDI 5450 Installation Video




  • No system shutdown required
  • Installs in minutes
  • Weather resistant and surge protected
  • Milliamp output
  • Pulse output convertible to threshold output
  • User-configurable scaling, filtering and units of measure
  • Optional wired or wireless output for networking
  • Housing rotates to suit vertical or horizontal installation

The installation of the 5450 is quick, easy and safe, if done with adequate preparation and with care. A solid footing and face protection are essential. Once installed, the meter provides the same features as our 5400-series meters.

Additional information

Number of Rings

1 Ring

Material Type

Nominal Pipe Sizes

2 in. – 8 in., DN50 – DN200


5 percent of reading plus 1 percent of range for flows from 10 percent to 100 percent of indicated range at air temperatures between 20 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit


Compressed Air, Nitrogen

Operating Pressure

130 psig maximum on Sch. 40 steel

Input Power

250 mA at 24 Vdc

Output Resistance

600 Ohms max.

Exposed Materials

Stainless steel, gold, thermal epoxy, Teflon, Aluminum and Viton

Ring Material



Four digit LED display

Response Time

One second to 63 percent of change in value at flows above 30 percent of range.


Model No Nominal Pipe Size Range (scfm) Price
5450-20C 2 in. 600 $1,205
5450-20S 2 in. (DN50) 600 $1,205
5450-25C 2.5 in. 800 $1,415
5450-25S 2.5 in. (DN65) 800 $1,415
5450-30C 3 in. 1000 $1,575
5450-30S 3 in. (DN80) 1200 $1,575
5450-40C 4 in. 2000 $1,885
5450-40S 4 in. (DN100) 2000 $1,885
5450-60C 6 in. 4000 $2,625
5450-60S 6 in. (DN150) 5000 $2,415
5450-80S 8 in. (DN200) 6000 $2,835



Click the files below to download.

CDI 5450 Datasheet

CDI 5450 Instructions

View CDI 5450 Installation Video

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