CDI 5400-U-DG for 2” pipes and larger


This universal guide is for use with all CDI-5400 and 6400 meters (pipe sizes 2″ or greater). It includes a 3/16″ drill bit, 3/16″ and 1/4″ hex wrenches, and an aluminum drill guide. These guides can be attached to the pipe with a band clamp, a C-clamp, or a chain clamp.

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Installation Instructions Requirements:

Meter may only be used with compressed air or nitrogen, at pressures up to 200 psig (except for the High Pressure modification). Gas must be free of suspended oil or water droplets. In compressed air systems, install downstream of a dryer. Place meter at least 30 pipe diameters downstream of flow distortions (regulators, filters, sweeping elbows, pipe size changes, etc.). For best accuracy, install with at least 20 diameters of straight pipe upstream of meter and 3 diameters downstream.


Wear eye protection. Turn off the air supply and make sure pressure has bled down completely before drilling holes. Secure the drill guide firmly in place. Metal chips will enter the line. Make sure there are filters in place downstream to prevent chips from causing personal injury or damaging equipment or products. Make sure the holes being drilled match the probe arrangement in the meter.


Shut off the supply of air to the pipe where the meter will be mounted and allow the pressure to bleed down. Orient the drill guide for visibility of the meter display. Attach the drill guide firmly in place (either with a band clamp, C-clamp, chain clamp, or by bolting to a half-ring, depending on the meter). Drill two holes and remove the resulting burrs from the outside surface of the pipe. Make sure the outside surface of the pipe is clean and smooth before installing the meter. Make sure the probes are clean – wipe down with alcohol or similar degreaser if dirty. Attach the meter to the pipe with a band clamp or bolted rings, depending on the meter.