CDI 25 Point-of-Use Flowmeters

Price: $315

The CDI 25 represents a price-performance breakthrough in compressed-air metering. It fills a need for low-cost measurement of air usage by individual pieces of industrial equipment. It indicates leakage and excessive usage locally with blinking lights, thereby eliminating the need for central monitoring and enabling equipment operators and maintenance mechanics to observe and respond to developing problems.




  • Low cost permits monitoring of loads throughout an industrial plant
  • Alarm functions indicate when leakage has developed or usage has become excessive
  • Totalizing function allocates usage and cost
  • Complete flowmeter in one package

The CDI 25 is based on CDI’s proven technology, but it has been streamlined to reduce cost, reduce material usage and facilitate installation. The meter measures flow by maintaining one of its two probes warmer than the other; it calculates flow from the amount of heat required. Current flow, as well as minimum, average and totalized flows can be seen on a four-digit display.

Additional information

Material Type

, ,

Nominal Pipe Sizes

1/2 in. – 1 in., 15 mm – 25 mm, DN15 – DN25


5 percent of reading plus 1 percent of range for flows from 10 percent to 100 percent of indicated range at air temperatures between 20 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit


Compressed Air, Nitrogen

Operating Pressure

200 psig maximum on Sch. 40 steel and on Type L Copper; consult CDI for other materials and higher pressures.

Input Power

250 mA at 24 Vdc

Output Resistance

600 Ohms max.

Exposed Materials

Stainless steel, aluminum, gold, thermal epoxy and Viton (seal)


Four digit LED display

Response Time

One second to 63 percent of change in value at flows above 30 percent of range.



Model No Nominal Pipe Size Range (scfm) Price
25-05S 0.5 in. (DN15) 100 $315
25-07C, 25-07S 0.75 in. (DN20) 150 $315
25-10C, 25-10S 1.0 in. (DN25) 200 $315

* Note: A wall plug power supply modification is available.


Click the files below to download.

CDI 25 Series Quickstart Guide

CDI 25 Datasheet

CDI 25 Instructions

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