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  • Drill Guides-temp


    Drill Guides are required in most situations to successfully install any CDI flowmeter. The meter's flow-sensing probes project into the pipe, and these guides ensure that the drilled holes are properly aligned. If the pipe can be placed in a milling machine to locate holes, a Drill Guide may not be necessary.

  • Remote Displays-temp


    Our standard display units output instantaneous flow readings.  With the following options, you can add Summing and Averaging display functionality.

  • Temp product for Beaton

  • CDI 5450 Hot Tap

    Price Range: $1,145 – $2,695

    The CDI 5450 is a modified version of the 5400 model that allows installation under pressure. It incorporates two valves through which the probes pass and a muffler that collects chips from the drilling process. It takes an equal amount of installation time as our standard meters and requires no shutdown of the compressed-air system.  View CDI 5450 Installation Video