There are two facets to collecting, recording, and processing the data that our flowmeters output (besides the pencil-and-paper method). The first component, Monitoring Hardware, makes flowmeter measurements accessible via conversion to a useful electronic format. The second component, Monitoring Software, is a receptacle for acquired data and a means to manipulate and analyze it as you desire.
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  • 4 – 20 Milliamp Data Logger


    Lascar EL-USB-4 milliamp data logger with a connection cable to facilitate use with CDI flowmeters. The logger has a storage capacity of 32,000 samples; it plugs into a USB port for configuration and download.


  • Isolated Pulse Output Board


    Provides optically isolated pulse output that simulates a relay contact.


  • Wireless Networking

  • Wireless Output Display Board

    Price Range: $95 – $125

    A substitute display circuit board including a radio module to transmit data over a Zigbee® mesh network. Available in a new flowmeter and retrofit option.


  • Wireless to Ethernet Gateway


    The gateway is the ConnectPort manufactured by Digi International. It is custom configured by CDI for use with its wireless network. The gateway supports ZigBee® mesh networking and is compatible with the Modbus TCP protocol.


  • Serial Communication for CDI 5000 and 6000 Series


    A substitute display circuit board providing serial communications by Modbus RTU over RS-485 network. For CDI 5000 and 6000 Series.


  • Ulinx USOPTL4 USB


    An isolated USB to RS-485 converter, connects the network to USB port on a personal computer.


  • Grid Connect RS-485/Ethernet Interface


    The NET485-MB Intelligent Adapter connects an RS485 Modbus network to an Ethernet TCP/IP network. Can be powered from a nearby flowmeter or by a separate dc power supply. Link to GridConnect’s Device Discovery software.