MeterGrapher Software PackageUser Documents – Additional Information

Additional Information

Wired Adapters – Details of wired adapter connection and configuration, including important information about IP Address allocation
Wireless Adapters – Wireless adapter connection and configuration
Location of Files – default, changing the location, where Windows 7 stores the files
Log File Naming – standard log file names, when names are changed, naming convention
Log Economy – A feature to reduce log file sizes while retaining all important information
AutoStart and Stop – Facilities to start and stop logging using batch files
AnswerGrapher – An Excel Workbook for import and analysis of flow log files
MGUsageCalcs – An Excel workbook for import and analysis of usage log files
Warning Messages – A feature to send warning messages to a phone of your choice
Code Signing – assurance to the user, and computer, that code has not been corrupted since it was signed by CDI Meters Inc.
Diagnostic Files – file definitions and uses

Flow and Usage Units

If meter flow units are: Meter reports flow in: MG displays flow in: Meter reports usage in: MG displays usage in:
scfm scfm * 10 scfm scf / 10 scf / 1000
Nm3/hr Nm3/hr * 10 Nm3/hr Nm3 Nm3
Nm3/min Nm3/min * 100 Nm3/min Nm3 Nm3