MeterGrapher Software Package

Logging and analysis of compressed air flows is essential for good management. MeterGrapher provides a simple, flexible, cost-effective solution on your PC.

Latest version available – 2.28. See MeterGrapherReadMe for details and box below right for a summary.

System requirements – Modern PC with spare USB port and/or Ethernet connection to a router.

With MeterGrapher you can:

  • Link up to 250 meters to your PC using ZigBee wireless, COM/USB or Ethernet adapters.
  • Log CDI flow and pressure meters, and optionally any other devices that use the Modbus protocol
  • Describe the meter configuration, including lower and upper limits.
  • Log values at any interval down to 200ms per meter.
  • Monitor meter status (Values in limits or out of limits, no limits set, no data from meter)
  • Retain historical values
  • Use powerful built-in graphing capabilities for analysis and decision support
  • Export data to other logging systems
  • Auto-start logging on PC restart
  • Renumber CDI meters
  • Use pre-formatted Excel workbooks for further data analysis
  • Set up notification to a mobile phone when alarm conditions arise
  • Adjust parity and stop bits to match system settings

Please look at the User Docs.
MeterGrapher is feature-rich and you will get the best out of it if you know what it can do!

If you wish to log non-CDI devices contact CDI Meters Inc.

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MeterGrapher version 2.28 release

  • For the full release history see MeterGrapherReadMe
  • CDI’s Vortex meter added to library
  • Meter selection listings re-ordered so CDI meters are at the top
  • When a point in the graph is clicked its coordinates are displayed
  • In Adapter / Meter Config an option to list COM ports in use has been added.
  • AnswerGrapher can now write a data file back to disk. This can be used to find and correct spurious data values in log files If the user wants to correct the current log file MeterGrapher logging must be stopped, and MeterGrapher set off-line until the edit is complete.
  • If you are using V2.24 or later this update is fully backward-compatible.
  • If updating from a version earlier than V2.24,  and you have been logging non-CDI meters, please contact CDI ( before installing this update!