MeterGrapher Software Package

Logging and analysis of compressed air flows is essential for good management. MeterGrapher provides a simple, flexible, cost-effective solution on your PC.

Latest version available – 2.32. See MeterGrapherReadMe for details and box below right for a summary.

System requirements – Modern PC with spare USB port and/or Ethernet connection to a router.

With MeterGrapher you can:

  • Link up to 250 meters to your PC using ZigBee wireless, COM/USB or Ethernet adapters.
  • Log CDI flow and pressure meters, and optionally any other devices that use the Modbus protocol
  • Describe the meter configuration, including lower and upper limits.
  • Log values at any interval down to 200ms per meter.
  • Monitor meter status (Values in limits or out of limits, no limits set, no data from meter)
  • Retain historical values
  • Use powerful built-in graphing capabilities for analysis and decision support
  • Export data to other logging systems
  • Auto-start logging on PC restart
  • Renumber CDI meters
  • Use pre-formatted Excel workbooks for further data analysis
  • Adjust parity and stop bits to match system settings

Please look at the User Docs.
MeterGrapher is feature-rich and you will get the best out of it if you know what it can do!

If you wish to log non-CDI devices contact CDI Meters Inc.

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MeterGrapher version 2.32 release

  • Bug fix – occasional fatal error during Adapter / Meter Config Autoscan.

For the full release history see MeterGrapherReadMe



If you are using V2.24 or later this update is fully backward-compatible.

If updating from a version earlier than V2.24,  and you have been logging non-CDI meters, please contact CDI ( before installing this update!