For CDI 5000 Series Flowmeters

Wireless networking enables easy, low cost monitoring of compressed air usage throughout your facility.

Wireless networking is available as an option for CDI 5000-series flowmeters and as a retrofit for existing meters. The system is shipped fully configured and ready to operate. Simply install new meters, replace the display circuit boards in existing meters, install our wireless-to-Ethernet gateway, and set up and run our MeterGrapher software or other Modbus-compatible software.

  • Provides wireless monitoring of CDI 5000 Series flowmeters throughout a facility
  • Available as an option on new meters and as a retrofit for existing meters
  • MeterGrapher monitoring software is available at no charge
  • Utilizes ZigBee ® mesh-networking protocol to relay data from remote meters
  • Transmits current reading and cumulative usage
  • Wireless transmissions have 128-bit encryption

System Overview

A CDI Wireless Network consists of an Ethernet-connected gateway and one or more radio modules mounted to customized display circuit boards inside CDI 5000-series meters. The network operates on the ZigBee® mesh-networking protocol. A request for a data sample is sent over the Ethernet to the gateway and then directed to the meter to which it is addressed. If the meter is far from the gateway, the request is passed from meter to meter to their eventual destination. A response is then passed back to the gateway, which relays it to the requesting device.

Each network is pre-configured by CDI and assigned a unique identifying number and a security code to permit encrypted communication. The gateway is programmed with a table associating the radio modules with the node addresses on the network. When adding a module to the network, you update that table using a Web browser.

Wireless System Components

  • Wireless Output Display Board

    Price Range: $95 – $125

    A substitute display circuit board including a radio module to transmit data over a Zigbee® mesh network. Available in a new flowmeter and retrofit option.


  • Wireless to Ethernet Gateway


    The gateway is the ConnectPort manufactured by Digi International. It is custom configured by CDI for use with its wireless network. The gateway supports ZigBee® mesh networking and is compatible with the Modbus TCP protocol.


Information and Resources

System data sheet: Wireless Networking Data Sheet

CDI MeterGrapher software to log and plot flow: Overview

Software from Digi International to locate the gateway on the network: Device Discover Software Download

CDI MeterGrapher software to log and plot flow: MeterGrapher Software Download