CDI 5100 In-Line | CDI 5200 Small Pipes | CDI 5400 Large Pipes

CDI 5000-Series Flowmeters Overview

The CDI 5000 series flow meters share a common circuit design, common firmware and a common electrical enclosure. They are thermal mass flowmeters, furnished calibrated, configured and ready for use. All but the in-line 5100 clamp onto a specific size of pipe, with flow sensing probes projecting into the air stream through small drilled holes. All are available with optional wired or wireless digital outputs, and many of the larger sizes are available in a hot tap version. All can be set to display flow in scfm, m3/min and m3/hr, and to display cumulative usage or daily usage rather than rate.

CDI 5100: 3/8” In-Line

The CDI 5100 is our in-line offering for small pipes. It is presently available in 3/8-inch pipe size only. Unlike most meters for low air flow rates, it has no small internal passages that could become clogged.

CDI 5200: Two Rings, Small Pipes

The CDI 5200 was our original offering, introduced in 2002. The probes are spaced along the pipe and mounted in separate rings. It is stocked in 11 sizes ranging from ½-inch steel to 1-1/2 inch steel, including sizes for copper and aluminum.

CDI 5400: Single Ring, Large Pipes

The CDI 5400 has its probes placed side-by-side in a single ring. Its housing pivots to accommodate horizontal or vertical pipe. It is available in sizes ranging from two-inch copper to eight-inch steel; 14 sizes are stocked.

CDI 5450: Hot Tap

The CDI 5450 is for use in situations in which the air cannot readily be shut down. It is available in sizes from two-inch to eight-inch steel.

We have purchased over fifty CDI flow meters and kW meters. They are very easy and convenient to use. We strategically install them in the plants and data log the information from them. We connect the meters to our building management system and now produce weekly graphs of our compressed air consumption.

Paul Lukitsch, Millipore Corporation, Regional and Facilities & Energy Manager