CDI Meter Settings
Now Available - version 2.9 CDIMS gives owners of CDI flow meters (models 5200 and 5400, Rev. 3.0 and later) a simple way to view and set meter parameters such as Application Pipe Diameter and Application Pressure using a USB link between the meter and a PC. In addition the units of measure shown on the PC can be changed, so the user can choose, for example, temperature displays on the PC in Fahrenheit or Celsius. A connecting cable can be purchased, and the PC software can be obtained from the Downloads page Latest version available - 2.9. See CDIMSReadMe for details. System requirements - Modern PC with spare USB port and Internet connection. Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768 recommended.
With CDIMS you can: Connect to meter via COM port (USB) Read / Write values in a meter Read / Write values in a PC data file Reset values to factory defaults CDIMS can be used on flow meter models 5200 and 5400, Rev. 3.0 and later.
The following values can be read / set: Milliamp full-scale value Flow per pulse of output Application pipe inside diameter Calibration pipe inside diameter [read-Only] Application pressure (absolute) High limit for threshold output Low limit for threshold output Filter factor Reference temp for standard air definition Firmware Revision [read-only]
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